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AGILE’s casualty products an appetite Agile’s casualty products have been designed with the customers needs in mind. Our vision is to assist brokers with specifically tailoring casualty products to suit the individual customers requirements.

We have specialist casualty products for over 970 occupations.

Our Public and Products Liability covers your legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury, property damage, or advertising liability as a result of your business activities or products.

Our policy wording provides a range of standard benefits automatically included such as property in your care custody or control, cover for use of drones, claims preparation costs, overseas personal liability and much more. In addition to the standard benefits we are able to review and write covers in for contractors & sub-contractors liability, waivers & hold harmless and principal indemnity extensions.

The team at Agile have extensive experience in casualty products having over 50 years combined experience and would happily assist you with your client’s casualty needs.

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