If an event occurs and you think you may be making a claim on your policy, you should use this checklist to help you get what you need to support your claim.

When you submit your claim, you will be required to tell us what happened and provide us with all the documents we ask for.

It is important that you obtain as much documentation as possible at the time of the event, as it can be difficult to obtain some documents after the event has occurred.

If something is lost, stolen or damaged

  • Report it to the local police within 24 hours and get a written report.
  • Report to the relevant regulatory authorities as soon as possible.
  • Gather your original receipts, valuations, or other proof of ownership of any items related to the claim.

If the claim relates to medical expenses:

  • Get a written medical report or certificate from your treating overseas doctor or dentist, or your local GP or dentist, that clearly explains the medical condition, the diagnosis provided, medical tests requested and treatment given.
  • Have documents translated into English if necessary (they do not need to be professional translations).
  • Keep originals of all documents that you submit electronically.

Do not admit fault or liability

DO NOT, unless we have approved:

  • admit that you are at fault; or
  • offer or promise to pay any money; or
  • become involved in litigation.

Claims processing

We want to process your claim as quickly as we can. To do this, you can help greatly by providing the documentation we need when you submit your claim. Once we have a completed claims form, and all necessary supporting information, your claim will be processed within ten (10) business. We will let you know if we need additional information.