Collect your documents

It’ll be quicker and easier for you to lodge your claim if you have some key documents handy. Read our guide to claiming to ensure a smooth process.

Lodge your claim online

You can notify us of your claim online and we’ll call you back to help you complete your claim.

We'll respond & assess

After you lodge your claim, if we require any further information we will contact you & advise of the next steps.

Many ways to claim, all fast & easy

Provided we’ve got all the necessary documents we’ll process, assess, and pay your claim without delay. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know if we need any further information or documents to help process your claim.

Contact us for claims & complaints

You can call the emergency response team on 1300 705 031 - 24/7 and 365 days a year.
For Enquiries Relating To Please Contact
Policy questions and coverage
Any questions, just call or email.
1300 705 031
Cancelling your policy
You can cancel your policy at any time.
1300 705 031
Making a claim online
You can claim directly through our
online portal.
1300 705 031
Making a claim
Get in touch as soon as you can.
1300 705 031