Construction Insurance doesn’t have to be complicated

Construction companies manage a range of challenges and hazards that can determine the success or failure of any project.

AGILE combines our deep domain knowledge of the sector with the expertise of leading Lloyd’s syndicates to help you manage and mitigate these risks. Construction companies can rapidly respond to changes knowing they’re covered by AGILE.

Our appetite includes the following SME project types:

  • Manufacturing and industrial facilities
  • Commercial building works
  • Road, rail and pipeline construction
  • Fit-outs/renovations
  • Bridge construction (spans less than 50m)
  • Telecommunications and data centres
  • Food processing
  • Civil engineering
  • Water treatment
  • Mine processing plants and infrastructure
  • Air-conditioning and refrigeration


  • Steel erection
  • Airports, stations and terminals
  • Power generation and utilities (including solar, thermal, wind, fuel cell)
  • Complex machinery erection
  • Leisure and sporting facilities
  • Hotels, casinos and exhibition centres
  • Warehouses and storage
  • Government construction and infrastructure (schools, hospitals, universities etc.)
  • Residential construction

Our Approach

We understand that construction insurance can be complicated. Agile’s construction underwriters are engineers who live and breathe construction. We will use our wealth of construction and insurance knowledge to offer flexible, practical solutions to mitigate your insurable risks.

Agile Construction offers specialist material damage cover (Construction All Risk and Erection All Risk) for a broad range of construction types and industries. The insurance can be purchased by the main contractor, principal, sub-contractor or in joint names, depending on your specific requirements.

CAR or EAR: what’s the difference?

Agile specialises in:

  1. Construction All Risk (CAR, also known as contractors all risk or contract works) and
  2. Erection All Risk (EAR).

Provides comprehensive cover for construction, building and civil engineering projects.

Covers the installation and erection of complex machinery and plant, including during testing and commissioning. The CAR and EAR policy wordings are fairly similar and offer comparable physical damage cover.

However the risk profile is very different. Historically, the largest claims on CAR projects are usually driven by weather events, like rain, storms and floods. For EAR, it is testing and commissioning requirements, which can result in fires and explosions.

Unsure what cover your clients need? Please contact our construction team to discuss the specifics of your project.

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