Carving a niche in the competitive Travel market

As the Baby Boomer bulge moves into middle age in developed countries, the higher performing travel insurance products will be in emerging markets. These are characterised by a rising middle class with disposable income for travel and less expensive travel habits. These are the markets we want to target.
Travel with Kit

With Travel with Kit you can build your own cover and it’s easy and cost-effective. With 4 base plans, 10 extras and cover for specific medical conditions. For Australians up to 99 years young.

Travel with Jane

Travel with Jane saves women 14% with a Gender Pay Gap Discount. That’s a first of its kind anywhere, and it all started here in Australia, for Australian women. Travel with Jane offers plans to suit all types of travellers and budgets.

Travel by Us

Travel by Us is a real-time white-label brand in a box. For no fee, a customer can have their customised travel insurance brand.