Insurance for the mobile age.

API-first products to simplify the
way customers experience insurance.

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Ruthlessly pursuing simplicity for the customer

Insurance Technology is opening new markets. However, many InsurTech
agencies are overlooking the fundamentals of insurance and customer experience. Big data, wearables, blockchain and smart contracts solve insurer problems not customer problems. By ruthlessly pursuing simplicity for the customer you simplify the entire organisation. This quest for simplicity has to pervade every part of the process.

API-first insurance

We approach insurance products with the API in mind. This allows us to create an interaction layer with the customer through any medium.

Mobile insurance

Our products aim reach customer through simplified interfaces wherever they choose and this means mobile.

Broker friendly

We enable simple interactions with Brokers to help bind business in the most efficient way possible. This allows brokers to focus on their core business...their customers.

Enterprise grade security

Our Tier-1 PCI protection and enterprise grade security systems are regularly tested to ensure the highest level of security.

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