Frans du Plessis

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Tell us about yourself and your business

I’m the Founder and Director of Grace Insurance which has operated in Perth since 2015. Offices in WA, NSW and Victoria.

I established Grace Insurance in a committed effort to achieve what I have always considered as my strength as a broker: helping clients by treating them and their businesses as friends, ensuring they are properly covered, never letting them down, and understanding what can go wrong. My client relationships and tailor-made insurance that fit the individual requirements of each one are legendary in the industry.

What was the journey that brought you to your current role?

Very few people actually know what triggered me to go “all in” and to expand rapidly. In 2019 I visited Disney World in Florida, USA. What Walt Disney has achieved was mind-blowing. Here I am. I had all the plans… but did not execute them. Returned beginning of Feb 2019 and within one month I executed every single plan I made. Massive and immediate action… This is what one business coach said to me.

This triggered our growth and expansion in a very short space of time.

What’s behind your success?

Loyal staff, clients, and insurers that stand next to you when the times are hard. Consistency is key.

What’s a mistake you’ve made that you’ll never make again?

Trusting the wrong people. Partner with the right person.

What’s the one secret about your field or industry you wish everyone knew?

Broking is not hard … It is managing staff!

What are your predictions for the industry for the next few years?

Insurance brokers play a crucial role in helping individuals and businesses protect themselves against unforeseen risks. We have the opportunity to provide valuable guidance and support to clients, ensuring they have the right insurance coverage to safeguard their assets, finances, and well-being. This ability to make a positive impact on people’s lives can be inspiring for many professionals in the industry.

As brokers, we regularly face unique challenges and complex situations. We need to assess risks, analyze insurance policies, negotiate with insurers, and design comprehensive coverage plans tailored to clients’ specific needs. This requires strong problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and strategic decision-making. The opportunity to tackle these challenges and find innovative solutions can be intellectually stimulating and inspiring for professionals in the field.

How amazing is that? Finding the insurance solution for a client that designs and fabricates autonomous trains, a ski resort, or an Island risk. Nothing is as rewarding as doing an amazing on a complex risk. Helping clients understand their risk, and if anything should ever go wrong, be by their side and manage the most stressful time of their lives.

What’s your main goal for the year ahead?

My main focus would be to finalize our South Australia office and expand into SA. That would be key for us for the next 6 months.

What are the biggest problems you face when dealing with MGAs, underwriters or insurers?

Claims and no humans to talk to.

If you had a magic wand: what product, feature, or service would you like our platform to offer?

A dedicated person who can help you when you need a risk underwritten, not tick-boxed.

What is the one feature we could add to Powered by Agile to make it better for you?

Automated COC where a client can input their details on your website, and it links back to AGILE to retrieve and send the COC to the client.

Follow Frans on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Grace Insurance.