Alison Evans

Alison Evans

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Tell us about yourself and your business

People may find it weird but I get excited about insurance, every day! The challenges and intricacies that each client brings is what I love. I was in a meeting with a client one day and she stops me and says “Oh my gosh Ali, you are an insurance nerd!” So I own it. I am #YourInsuranceNerd.

The pleasure of having a conversation with people and finding out what they do and how they do it, and then using my time and 25+ years experience to find them the best solution, is what makes my day and theirs.

My Insurance Kit is a small business and I understand there is so much to know about running a business. We enjoy taking insurance off our client’s hands so that they can focus on their passion.

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What was the journey that brought you to your current role?

Having worked in the industry since the early 90’s, I have experience working in the corporate environment and also with small businesses. Along the way I found that it was the small businesses, who may well be needing the advice, were not getting such. They were simply getting an invoice in the mail once a year.

This led me to starting My Insurance Kit and offering face to face (or zoom to zoom presently too!) consults so that we can have a proper conversation and get a clear picture of what our clients do. We can then offer sound advice as we are on top of their circumstances.

I believe everyone feels better as each party knows everything is on the table and the best result can be obtained.

What’s behind your success?

I believe that my personal approach and taking the time to get to know our clients has provided much success. We are in touch with our clients often so that they too think about their insurances and if any changes are needed.

We enjoy catching up with our clients no matter what their size, for a brew (whichever one tickles their fancy) so we can ensure we are up to date on where their business is at.

What’s a mistake you’ve made that you’ll never make again?

Accepting that a client is too busy!

Luckily I didn’t accept this! Call it women’s intuition, a gut feeling, or whatever you prefer but I just knew I had to go see a particular client even after they expressed they were too busy!

I took over their account mid term and when I went and visited, I found that almost half of their property was constructed from sandwich foam. Which their Insurer did not know.

So it was a good thing they relented! We were therefore able to get their insurance covers corrected.

In the end they were happy for the short distraction called their annual review!

What’s the one secret about your field or industry you wish everyone knew?

Maybe how much work goes on behind the scenes when a broker arranges quotes and a cover for a client. We read the fine print and make sure the cover offered by an Insurance Company actually meets a clients needs.

I have heard too many a time that people have placed insurance online and they “hope” it covers them.

Using an insurance broker removes that “hope” feeling.

What are your predictions for the industry for the next few years?

With the continual increase in the use of technology to make our lives easier, how as a broker, can we too use this to make our client’s lives easier,

How one can connect with people that are time poor and are looking into their insurances “after hours” is a gap that we are striving to bridge with technology also.

I believe education is important too so we can express the need of relationships and the role of a broker, and how this will assist someone and their business.

What’s your main goal for the year ahead?

Continue to serve my clients and keep them happy.

Build on and improve our customer’s journey, based on their valued feedback.

I look forward to My Insurance Kit growing right alongside our wonderful clients.

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